Monday, November 15, 2010

Rammstein - Rosenrot

Rammstein is a band that should need no introduction. Among the most successful bands from Germany in recent times to be sure.
They play either a very commercial form of Industrial Metal, or a very Industrial form of Nu-Metal. Different people have different views on that particular subject, but regardless, they are among the pioneers of the sound that has been called Neue Deutsche Härte; indeed, if the merit of starting the genre goes to Oomph!, the credit for making it as big as it is goes to this band.

This is their fifth album, released in 2005, and possibly my favorite to date. It has many great songs, including Rammstein's tribute to their large and dedicated fanbase in Mexico: Te Quiero Puta!
It's a song symbolic to me, but beyond that, it's of special interest because of the many related things the title can mean. Indeed, there are many different translations around. The word "puta" in Spanish is a shortened form of "prostituta" ("prostitute", clearly), but with time has gotten a meaning of its own. In Mexico, and quite probably most of the Hispanic world, the word is used as "whore" and "bitch" would be used in the anglo-parlant world... one being the perhaps relatively derogatory form of such profession (or behavior reminiscent of the profession) while the other is merely an insult typically (but not exclusively) directed at females; in fact, one of the two possible forms of "son of a bitch" in Spanish is "hijo de puta".
In addition to not knowing which of the two meanings of that word is, the lack of a comma could mean many things.
And finally, the verb "querer" (from which "quiero" comes) can mean to want, to like or to love, but it's very important to note that in the latter meaning, it differs significantly from "amar", the other verb used to express the same, because when "querer" is used it indicates more of a crush than true love, or otherwise not romantic love, but instead friendly affection or something along those lines. The cultural connotations of each of those two words as I've described are very common if not absolute in Mexico, and while I'm not 100% sure, I suspect in the rest of the Hispanic world as well.
So the song's title is intriguing because it can potentially mean:
"I Like/Love You[,] Whore/Bitch!"
"I Like/Love You [Being A] Whore/Bitch!" as in "I Like/Love [That] You [Are Being A] Whore/Bitch!"
"I Want You[,] Whore/Bitch!"
"I Want You [To Be A] Whore/Bitch!"
Et cetera...
The lyrics, unfortunately, do nothing to clear this up, and though they may not mean anything to those who don't speak Spanish, most of those who do --myself included--, find them highly amusing.

Sorry, [/endrant]
Now, on to the good stuff.

Rammstein - Rosenrot


1. Benzin
2. Mann Gegen Mann
3. Rosenrot
4. Spring
5. Wo Bist Du?
6. Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I Do)
7. Zerstören
8. Hilf Mir
9. Te Quiero Puta!
10. Feuer Und Wasser
11. Ein Lied

And for fun, here's a translation of the tracklist, for those who don't understand German:

1. Petrol
2. Man Against Man
3. Red Rose
4. Jump
5. Where Are You?
6. Don't Die Before Me
7. Destroy
8. Help Me
9. I Love You Whore!*
10. Fire And Water
11. A Song

* = Very roughly, and open to interpretation. See my rant above...

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