Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moray Eel - Psycho:Delusion

This is Moray Eel, a band from the very strange Russian exclave, the Kaliningrad Oblast.
While this band is often described in the internet as a death/thrash metal band, I find very little Death or Thrash here. This leans towards the so-called "mallcore" a bit more, instead. If you're trve kvlt, that's enough to put you off, I guess; but if you enjoy good riffs regardless of the possible connotations of a label, then this might be a bit interesting for you.
Indeed, while I wouldn't go as far as saying this is a great album or a great band, they do have some delightful, groovy, headbangable riffs every now and then.
Some people have compared this band to Arch Enemy... mostly for the vocals, I'd imagine. I don't believe that's an excellent comparison, but it's also not completely inaccurate. Take from that what you will.

Moray Eel - Psycho:Delusion


1. Intro
2. So Good To Die
3. The Cross And The Raven
4. Wet Dream
5. Secret Desire (Fucking Christ)
6. Material
7. Broken
8. Boo!
9. Oncoming War
10. Desert King
11. Hate Me
12. Pervert
13. Accuser
14. Forbidden Waters

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