Thursday, March 3, 2011

WarCry - Alea Jacta Est

Named for Julius Caesar's famous words spoken when he decided to cross the Rubicon River and start his civil war against Pompey, these words mean "the die has been cast"; this is WarCry's third album, and their most progressive to date.

Notably, the opening track features a track-ending 17-second scream. I think the longest I can scream for is 13 seconds, and certainly not at that pitch!

This is a very solid album, and fans of prog will certainly enjoy it, but it's not really WarCry's best, even if it does have a couple of classics.

WarCry - Alea Jacta Est


1. El Guardián de Troya [The Guardian of Troy]
2. Iberia
3. Despertar [To Awaken]
4. Lamento [Lament]
5. Sin Tu Voz [Without Your Voice]
6. Aire [Air]
7. Junto A Mí [Next To Me]
8. Espíritu de Amor [Spirit of Love]
9. Fé [Faith]
10. Reflejos de Sangre [Reflexions of Blood]

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