Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stahlhammer - Feind Hört Mit

Stahlhammer is a Neue Deutsche Härte/Industrial Metal band from Austria, formed in 1992.
This is their third album, Feind Hört Mit (roughly "The Enemy Is Listening In"), and as with most of their music, is almost entirely in German.

If you're into the NDH sound, industrial, and/or heavy, tight, catchy riffs, this is definitely for you!

Stahlhammer - Feind Hört Mit


1. Was Ist Das ["What Is That"]
2. Am Liebsten Von Hinten [roughly "Preferably From The Rear"]
3. Feind Hört Mit ["The Enemy Listens In"]
4. Der Mann Mit Dem Koks ["The Man With The Coke"] (Falco cover)
5. Herz Aus Stahl ["Heart of Steel"]
6. Schlag Mich ["Hit Me"]
7. Messerschmied ["Knife Smith"]
8. Jeanny (Falco cover)
9. Kein Schöner Land ["None More Beautiful Land"]
10. Strom Der Zeit ["Current of Time"]

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