Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mirrorthrone - Gangrene

Well, I thought I'd make a quick post before heading to work this morning, so here we go.
This is Mirrorthrone, an awesome solo band from France. This is symphonic black metal, but it's nothing like Dimmu Borgir or all those bands that kvlt black metal people will despise. It's more tr00 black metal, with very well-done and musical orchestral bits, as opposed to the long, few, basic and harmonically relevant chords those other bands would play on their synths simulating strings only.

Mirrorthrone - Gangrene


1. Dismay
2. No One By My Side
3. The Fecal Rebellion
4. Ganglion
5. Une Existence Dont Plus Personne Ne Jouit
6. So Frail

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