Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Salem - Collective Demise

Today I thought I'd post another Salem album.
As I said before, Salem is the first Israeli extreme metal band, and pioneers of the Oriental Metal movement.
As such, they have a historic significance of sorts, especially with the rise to fame of many bands whose way was paved by this one, such as Orphaned Land and Melechesh.
But unlike many bands that are historically significant, I think this band is fucking awesome!

This is their third album, where they seem to return to their brutal roots a little.
It's considerably heavier than the previous effort, A Moment of Silence. Musically, it's faster and it has a thicker, crushing, dissonant sound.
Lyrically, it's also heavier. While the album before dealt much with grief, sorrow, regret, suffering, fear, the deaths of loved ones, and other similar topics, this one seems to lean more towards war, destruction, misanthropic hopeslessness, and specifically the second Intifada.

In conclusion, this is a great album in general, but it'll be enjoyed most by those who appreciate slow-paced death metal or the doom-death thing, and especially those who want different lyrics than the usual death metal stuff.

Salem - Collective Demise


1. Broken Yet United
2. Coming End of Reason
3. Slave
4. Act of Terror
5. Act of War
6. Collective Demise
7. Dead Eyes
8. Feed On Your Grief
9. Decadence In Solitude
10. Recall
11. Al Taster
12. Inhuman Greed

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