Friday, February 4, 2011

Adorned Brood - Hiltia

As promised, here's Adorned Brood's amazing debut album, Hiltia.
I said I might explain this album better in the previous post about this band. I have decided against it, but I'll say this: it's quite simply full of really cool riffs, and the folk bit seems well thought out; it fits in perfectly with the harsher black metal sound. Unlike the way I perceive many of these so-called folk metal bands who really play black metal with "folk" instruments here and there, the melodies are a very nice complement to the awesome metal, and it sounds purposeful, not like the bursts of not very memorable black metal other bands seem accustomed to play.
I say the more straight-forward metal bits here are also often quite reminiscent of thrash metal

Definitely, this would interest fans of black metal, viking metal and folk metal of the harsher variety, but the awesome riffs and melodies are enough to please most metal fans.

Adorned Brood - Hiltia


1. Intro
2. For Honour And Land
3. Hiltia
4. Unehrenhaftes Feindesblut
5. Furor Teutonicus
6. Donerhamer
7. Undisclosed Treasures of The Mortal
8. Adora
9. Kissing The Heathen Amulet
10. Die Rede Des Erhabenen
11. Outro

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