Thursday, December 16, 2010

Soziedad Alkoholika - Intoxikazión Etílika

Time for some hardcore. Or crossover. Anyway, this is Soziedad Alkoholika (something like Alkoholik Soziety, if you translated it into English), a pretty hardcore band from the Basque Country in Spain. These guys are so hardcore, for years they were banned from playing in many places in their native Spain under accusations that they used their profits to fund the Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, better known as the ETA, an international terrorist/separatist organization that operates chiefly in Spain and southern France with the goal of gaining independence for the Greater Basque Country.
Of course, the media can be a bit sensationalist.

The reality is this:
This band was formed in 1988, a time where many bands in the Spanish scene were shifting their punk style to metal.
This is their first demo released in 1990, containing one of their most famous and controversial songs, Nos Vimos En Berlín, that speaks out against the violence commited by Jews against others and is often taken by the media as an anti-Semite song.
Perhaps the acid lyrical content is not of much interest to most of my readers who don't understand the Spanish language, but the music might be. Like I said, this is the aggressive mix of hardcore and thrash metal that many call crossover, but unlike many bands labeled so, this isn't one leaning towards the other, or a band that plays one with the influence of another and then turns to the other. No... is is literally what happens when you combine primitive thrash metal and dissident hardcore at their best.

The only flaw this demo has is exactly that, that it's just a demo and you can't expect amazing production quality from a demo released almost 21 years ago. But many of these songs would resurface in later releases, and they would be the ones that would turn this band into the monster that it is today, widely recognized and successful in the underground of Spain and Latin America, in particular Mexico.

Soziedad Alkoholika - Intoxikazión Etílika


1. S.H.A.K.T.A.L.E.
2. No Eres Mas [You Aren't More]
3. Por Favor Deja De Echarme Aceite Hirviendo En Los Ojos (Parte 1) [Please Stop Throwing Boiling Oil In My Eyes (Part 1)]
4. Intoxikazión Etílika [Ethylic Intoxication]
5. Nos Vimos En Berlín [We Saw Each Other In Berlin]
6. Lo Tienes Fácil [You Have It Easy]
7. Padre Black & Decker [Black & Decker Priest]
8. Kontra La Agresión Kastrazión [Against Aggression Castration]
9. La Última Partida [The Last Match]
10. Por Favor Deja De Echarme Aceite Hirviendo En Los Ojos (Parte 2) [Please Stop Throwing Boiling Oil In My Eyes (Part 2)]
11. Sin Dios Ni Ná [With No God Nor Nah]

Text between [ ] represents the translation of the titles.

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