Monday, February 28, 2011

WarCry - El Sello de los Tiempos

This is the second album WarCry released, notably, the same year as their first album.
I like it better than the first album. They sound like a band here, with more diverse compositions.

WarCry - El Sello de los Tiempos


1. El Sello de los Tiempos [The Seal of Times]
2. Alejandro [Alexander]
3. Hijo de la Ira [Son of the Wrath]
4. Capitán Lawrence [Captain Lawrence]
5. Tú Mismo [Yourself]
6. Un Mar de Estrellas [A Sea of Stars]
7. Un Lugar [A Place]
8. Dispuesto A Combatir [Willing To Fight]
9. Vampiro [Vampire]
10. Hacia Delante [Forwards]
11. Renacer [Rebirth]

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