Thursday, December 16, 2010

Adorned Brood - Heldentat

Today I'm gonna post 2006's Heldentat, the fifth album by Adorned Brood. I was introduced to this German band by a very special girl in my life sometime around 2007 or '08, and quickly became a fan of their first album, Hiltia, released in 1996, three years after the band formed.

The band's style was a different form of blackened folk metal, like most folk metal bands outside Spain, apparently. It was different because while the black metal influence was very big, it was very atypical... it was rather "musical", in my opinion. Perhaps when I post that album in the near future I'll find a better explanation.

I only acquired this one roughly a year ago, and only really discovered a few months after. This album, by contrast, features a style of folk metal that was very little to do with black metal. The vocals are mostly clean (and includes female vox), the distorted guitars, when used, have a very different down-tuned sound and play another type of riffs altogether, and the "metal" comes from short, explosive outbursts or just said guitars following a melody/harmony or playing a simple riff, rather than being an essential element.
The "folk" side of it remains similar, although it carries a lot more weight now than it did in Hiltia. It should be noted that, for their folk sound, they only use acoustic guitars and a flute. Nothing more.
Also, unlike previous albums where only one or two songs weren't in English, this is almost entirely sung in German.

In conclusion, if you want something a little bit different, or if you're a fan of folk metal (including the non-black metalish bands, like Skyclad, Mägo de Oz or Saurom Lamderth), this is for you.
Also, if your mates are into metal and drinking, there is a great alcohol anthem here (7 Tage Lang)!

Adorned Brood - Heldentat


1. Es Ist Zeit... [It Is Time...]

2. Tanze Mit Dem Tod [Dance of Death]
3. In Vitro [Within Glass*]
4. Farewell
5. Sandmann [Sandman]
6. Der Albtraum [The Nightmare]
7. 7 Tage Lang [7 Days Long]
8. Tierra del Fuego [Land of Fire**]
9. Gezeichnet [Signed]
10. Felidae
11. Heldentat [Feat]
12. ...Sie Ist Erwacht [...She Is Awakened]

Text between [ ] represents the translation of the titles.
* = Translation from Latin.
** = Translation from Spanish.

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