Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dark Lunacy - Devoid

So I thought, why end the trend of Italian bands so soon?
Here's one I enjoy very much. Oblivious to this I was, until relatively recently, when a fine friend told me about this wonderful band over a bottle of scotch.
Now I bring you Dark Lunacy's debut album, Devoid.
This band was formed in Parma, Italy, in the year of 1997.

Founded by singer Mike "Lunacy" and guitarist Enomys. Joined by the first of many bassist and drummers, Harpad and Baijkal, respectively, the recorded this album in 1999 and released it the following year.

Enomys has described Dark Lunacy's music as "Dramatic Death Metal". Many of us, however, would say that they play a brand of Melodic Death Metal with strong Gothic influences and some Doom overtones.

As I said in the Lord Vampyr post, Dark Lunacy is one of those bands in Italy that writes good lyrics in what they express, but not precisely how they express them. Many of us can look past that and enjoy them (when we can understand them, anyway), but others wouldprobably find them amusing if not annoying for the sheer amount of grammatical errors.

"From my vanish life
Take me, I run to you
And show me your beauty side
And save me
With your sacrifice"
The music itself is what I enjoy most about this band. Often sorrowful and melancholic in their own particular way, and very beautiful. It's a simple, typical formula, but the distinction comes with the addition of a string quartet, often playing simple but very beautiful arrangements that add a lot of color to the otherwise average composition. This is not to say the other instruments don't have their moments as well, but these are few and far between.
If you don't know this band but are curious, I highly suggest heading over to YouTube or the awesome GrooveShark and checking out my favorite song of theirs, and also this album's "hit", the gorgeous, brilliant track titled Dolls. I won't rant about that song alone because I don't want to create high expectations, but for many people, it's what makes them fall in love with this band. It's the song that no one can call overrated and mean it... to do so would be to blatantly and unsuccessfully try to be "kvlt" and "tr00".

Dark Lunacy - Devoid


1. Dolls
2. Stalingrad
3. Forlorn
4. Frozen Memory
5. Cold Embrace
6. December
7. Devoid
8. Varen'Ka
9. Time For Decay
10. Fall
11. Take My Cry

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